Blog de Nahyianna The technology has become too intrusive,it suppresses and weakens the human race,and life is a pleasure,living.Insulting someone defines what you are and highlights the unease or ugliness of your soul,when one respects one respects the other,it is a balance that constitutes humanity and peace,it does not solve anything by violence since the contrary is valued ignorance and animality,sharing knowledge is part of evolution,the elevation of the human race,it is bearer of change and represents the true harmony between men,people only really know the absolute,but all the impossible becomes now possible and feasible,unity is strength,and that is by living with solidarity that we know the garden of Eden,the garden of life and peace,we are all inhabitants of the same planet,every brother,with the same color of blood,all of the same flesh,we are all bearers of peace,knowledge is something that must continue and evolve,unlike a book which always contains an end,a final page.Do not suffer the world but build it,create a new world ~

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